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Rich HIstory

New Carlisle, Indiana has served as a noteworthy hub for trade and business while maintaining a tranquil ambiance for nearly two centuries. The town was originally known as Bourissa Hill for Native American landowner Lazarus Bourissa.  In 1835, Bourissa’s 160 acres were purchased by Richard Risley Carlisle, an American gymnast and acrobat, and the name was subsequently changed to New Carlisle. 

The 1830s brought many changes to the town and the addition of the Michigan Road, one of the first superhighways in the state. The arrival of the South Shore Railroad in 1852 further solidified New Carlisle's importance as a key commercial junction, connecting it to the current South Shore commuter railroad and the main line of the New York Central. In 1913 New Carlisle became part of the Lincoln Highway, a transcontinental highway connecting Times Square in New York to Lincoln Park in San Francisco, California. New Carlisle has always been a prominent place for travel and trade, but there’s more to discover in this charming town. 

Modern Day New Carlisle

Initially, the community thrived with flour mills and sawmills as prominent industries. Over time, these early enterprises gave way to twentieth-century industries that have since become the town's primary employment and tax revenue sources. Downtown New Carlisle remains a bustling town center, accommodating residents from New Carlisle and the surrounding areas, including Hudson Lake and various residential subdivisions in Olive Township and parts of LaPorte County. Its vibrant downtown district features numerous dining establishments,locally-owned shops, a local history museum, and a bowling alley.

Moreover, commercial development has extended beyond downtown. The triangle surrounding the Crown Event Center/Wainscott Auction Service and County Line Road and U.S. 20 intersection has witnessed significant growth as key commercial nodes. Presently, New Carlisle is home to approximately 1,800 or more residents, with its sphere of influence reaching far beyond, encompassing at least three times that number of individuals. The residents take great pride in their charming small-town atmosphere while embracing modern amenities.

About Discover New Carlisle

Discover New Carlisle, Inc. is a dynamic organization passionately committed to fostering and cultivating thriving economic growth through robust support and promotion of local businesses, vibrant events, and the cherished historic heritage of our community. Established in 2013, our esteemed members are fervent community champions, driving positive change and serving our beloved community through diverse initiatives. 

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