Boy Scout Troop 664

    P.O. Box 664

    (574) 323 - 7951

Delta Theta Tau Sorority

    P.O. Box 661

    (574) 288 - 3736

Historic New Carlisle

    P.O. Box 107

    (574) 654 - 3897

Hometown Days

Lions Club International

    402 Chestnut Street

New Carlisle Olive Township Library

    408 South Bray Street

    (574) 654 - 3046

Terre Coupee Lodge #204 F.&A.M.

    54522 Timothy Road

    (574) 303 - 9447

New Prairie Little League

American Legion Post 297

    864 East Michigan Street

    (574) 654 - 7621

Upcoming Events

Friday, April 20th

Terre Coupee Fish Fry

54214 Timothy Rd

5PM to 8PM EST

Friday, March 16th

Terre Coupee Fish Fry

54214 Timothy Rd

5PM to 8PM EST

Business Spotlight:


Healthy Vibes


     Nutrition Club

  Healthy Vibes is the new shake joint in town! Located at 511 West Michigan Street and open 8AM to 3PM EST, Healthy Vibes offers over 102 flavors on their menu board to help you work on or maintain your fitness! From refreshing teas, hot chocolate, cold shakes and even the recent hot shakes addition, you are bound to find something you love!



   Be sure to stop in at Healthy Vibes' Open House  on December 9th from 3PM to 7PM EST to check out what this new hot spot is all about!

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